Our History

"ONCE UPON A TIME..." The best stories always start thus .. In a small village in the Monferrato –Vinchio - on a small farm where good wine was created, thanks to the expertise of people who love their craft.

For the last seventy years, the Laiolo Reginin Winery (initially nurtured by Guido and his father, then later by Paolo) has overseen the vineyards, the vinification and the bottling of this "nectar of wine". You can almost taste the love, and almost touch the passion transmitted by Paolo and Anna to this wine, the fruit of toil and sweat but also the source of rich immeasurable pleasure.

With affection, a friend..
specific period

The Beginning..

Love for the land, for this vocation and the results it bestows, captivated Guido, who played amongst the barrels and entertained his father's friends and customers who came in search of good wine. Over the years, Guido grew up to take over the reins of the company, the land and the winery.

Guido met Alfreda, his wife and the mother of their two children, Gianluca and Gianpaolo. The first son has a passion for engines and the second, Paolo, just like Guido as a child, could be found running amongst the barrels in the cellar and rows of vines in the vineyards. In turn, Paolo chose to follow this exacting vocation, having absorbed all the knowledge that Guido could impart. His ambition has been realised in his first love – the family company.
Another period

New era!

This new era of the company, under Paolo saw a 150% increase in production in the first year, as well as the birth of the "Da Sul" (in the Piemontese dialect, this means "alone", or, in this case "without winemakers"). Paolo wanted to create a wine that would allow him to stand out among the many producers. The reputation of this great Barbera spread, eventually allowing him to win numerous, important awards.

From that moment on his products have been enjoyed all over Italy, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, Japan and Peru. This "young man with the clean face and hands of a peasant" (description of Paolo in "Barolo & Co") continues to develop and refine his wines.

One more period


Paolo's enthusiasm,love of nature and wine is now shared by his wife Anna as she helps him to realise his ambitions. "Da Anna" (an exquisite sweet filtration) is an expression of their shared love. In September 2008 Alessia, their daughter, arrived, followed in January 2010 by Nicolò, their son. Both have bright eyes and joyful smiles, looking to the future with love and the desire to... Another generation, running between the rows of vines, scurrying among the barrels and entertaining friends and clients. This all seems to have happened before! AND THE STORY CONTINUES ..... Anna